From where we can purchase Alfalah Health Care products?

Yes, our products are available at all leading chemists of Karachi like

  • Time Medical Store (Opp. Main Aga Khan Hospital)
  • Kausar Medicos (M.A. Jinnah Road)
  • Lucky Medical Store (Nayabad)
  • Star Drug Medical Store (Kharadar)
  • Adnan Medical Store (Korangi # 6)
  • Tariq Medical Store (Korangi # 2.5)
  • Babu Medical Store (Korangi # 5)
  • Asma Medical Store (Malir)
  • AM PM Medical Store (North Nazimabad),
  • Abbasi Shaheed Surrounding Medical Stores (Nazimabad)
  • MA Drug (North Karachi)
  • Ausqaf Medical Store (Haidery)
  • Pak Medical Store (FB Area)
  • Tayyab Medical Store (FB Area)
  • Near NICH
  • Many other leading medical stores and hospitals of Karachi, Quetta, Turabat, Gawadar, Panjgur , Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Thatha

Are Alfalah Health Care products manufacturer registered and certified?

We manufacturer are registered as well as certified.

Does Delife range is available for all gender and ages?

Delife range is available for all gender and ages
Delife Drop for children
Delife Tablets, Syrup & Softgel are for adults

Is Delife Drop easy to use?

Delife Drop is very easy to use, recently we upgrade Delife Drop  bottle and introduced
Delife Drop bottle in mono drop (easy delivery drop system)

Why Nufant is best for my child?

Breast feeding is the best way to protect Newborn

Six Reason to choose Starlac 1 (0 To 6 Month)

Nufant 1 contains 100% milk protein, 60:40 ratio of whey and casein, whey protein is easier to digest. good for rapid physical growth of new born.

Nufant 1 contains 100% vegetable fat, contains essential fatty acids, linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid these are important for brain and eye’s development.

Nufant 1 contains 100% lactose, provides an important source of energy for newborn’s growth.
Total Comfort with healthy tummy.

Nufant 1 contains manganese relatively gentle treat occasional constipation.

Nufant 1 contain Lactobacillus reuteri evidence on the use treatment of infantile colic.

Nufant 1 contains zinc According to the European Journal of Immunology regulating immune responses.

Can we purchase Nufant through online?

Nufant complete range (Nufant 1, Nufant 2, Nufant 3, Nufant LF, Nufant Mama)
is available on

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