About Us


  • Alfalah Health Care was established in 2011
  • Since its foundation, the company has focused on the development and marketing powerful brands
  • Manufacturing facility: Toll manufacturing of Nutraceuticals by SOIS Life Sciences whereas, Nutrition from Delfood


Our mission is to develop, produce and market  safe, effective and quality products that will  improve health and quality of life of men, women and children


To become a leading and most admired  company in the industry that makes a difference in  patients’ life


  • Respect for people:

Our employees form the basis of our quality and service. Each share responsibility for Alfalah Health Care reputation hence each deserves to be treated with fairness  and dignity.

  • Respect for our business associates and clients:

Alfalah seeks long-term and transparent relationships with its business partners, and enters into all transactions with integrity and trust.

  • Focus on technology:

Alfalah closely works with its partners to select technology that adds real value to its  products and services while keeping the environment safe.


Sales force of any pharmaceutical  company is considered a  company’s backbone. They  serve the most important  function. We have a very well trained, experienced and dedicated field force throughout Pakistan